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Friday, 14 November 2014

Autumn Nails ❤

Just a few of our Autumn favourite nail polishes, we hope you enjoy 

Barry M, 'Mustard' (left) & 'Chilli' (right), £3.99 - Boots.

These nail polishes are extremely good value for money. Usually when I apply nail polish it last about 2 days before chips begin to show, however, these nail polishes lasts about a week with it's 'hi-shine' promise kept throughout its whole wear. When I apply this nail polish it takes 1-2 coats for a solid colour and dries extremely quickly. No top coat is needed, however with 'Mustard' i would recommend using a base coat as I have found this colour to leave a slight stain on my nails without one. Would highly recommend these, the colours are beautiful!

Rimmel London, 'Velvet touch', £4.49 - Boots

There are pros and cons to this nail polish. 
When first applied, it comes out quite thick so you'd only need one coat and the colour is perfect for Autumn/Winter. HOWEVER, I found that after only one day of wear, it not only began to chip all over the nail, it also lost it's matte finish. 
Overall, although it is a nice colour, it's not really worth the money.

Revolution, 'Are you still available?' (left)  & 'Heaven's above' (right), £1 - Superdrug.

Firstly, I can't believe that these nail polishes are only £1! 'Are you still avaliable' is a beautiful, yet subtle, purple. I haven't seen this colour being produced by any other brand, it's so muted and sophisticated, I love it! 'Heaven's above' is 100% my new favourite Autumn colour, it's such a rich red/purple colour...the picture just doesn't do it justice! These nail polishes last about 3 days until chips begin to show, however, for the price it's definitely worth it.

Rimmel London, 'English Rose', £2.49 - Amazon.

First of all, the name of this nail polish is super cute just like the colour. When applied, it gives off a really high shine, classy look. The brush is an ideal shape for reaching all of the nail surface and allows for even application. On the bottle, this nail polish says that it can last up to 10 days but I think a more realistic duration would be 7/8 days.
The only downside is that, for some reason, it's not sold in any drug stores (that we've seen) and so it's a bit inconvenient having to order from online.

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