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Friday, 21 November 2014

Favourite Lip Products ♡


Here are a few of our favourite lip products...

No 7 High Shine Lip Crayons, (colours from top to bottom) 'Daydreamer', 'Tropical Beach', 'Statement' and 'Tickle'.

Before I say anything else, these swatches do not do these lip crayons justice! The reason they have come out so.. dull?... is because they're sheer and our amateur lighting just can't cope with them, but on the lips the pigment is prefect for those who don't want something too bold. These lip crayons are extremely moisturising, build-able and effortlessly glide onto the lips.
'Daydreamer' is a beautiful nude colour which is perfect for those days when you don't really have much time to get ready, literally just whack it on and you're ready to go! 'Tropical Beach' is my favourite out of all of these. It's a rich pink colour, I wore this to uni today and after 4 hours it was still going strong! the staying power of these are great! 'Statement' is a subtle red colour, I'm not usually one for wearing red lipstick as I'm not quite brave enough, but this is the perfect pigment and texture for me. 'Tickle' is a coral colour with orange undertones and is perfect for summer. Having said that it does add a pop of colour to an otherwise all black outfit in the winter months. Deffo head into your local boots and give these beauties a go :D

MAC Cosmetics, (colours from left to right) 'Ample Pink' Plushglass lipgloss, 'Faux' lipstick & 'Myth' lipstick.

'Ample Pink' is such a stunning and pigmented pink & the shine of this lipgloss is unreal (it's almost like a disco on my lips!). I love to wear this gloss with 'Faux', they are the perfect combo.
I'v already reviewed 'Faux' so head over to out 'Everyday make-up favourites' to have a read, it's a beautiful lipstick and I would 100% recommend it! 'Myth' is just the greatest creation ever. It can be put over a dark lipstick to make it lighter, or it can be worn on it's own. I love pairing it with a dark lip liner so it has an almost 90's feel to it. `

Rimmel London Kate Moss collection: #01 (left) and #107 (right).

This Lipstick brand has to be my absolute favourite. I love every single colour in the Kate Moss collection! 
The red (#01) pictured to the left is the most beautiful red colour when it's on. It's not so matte that it makes your lips look cracked and it gives off a beautiful shine making your lips look perfectly pouty. It's a perfect colour for a night out, paired with an LBD, but because it's not too severe it's also perfectly wearable every day.
#107 is my all time favourite lipstick. It's the first one I ever bought from this collection and since then has been my automatic go-to. I've worn this on nights out, at uni, at work, it's perfect for any occasion! The colour is such a beautiful deep red with purple undertones (like a rich red wine!) making it beautiful for this time of year.

NYC Expert Last: #440 Creamy Caramel (top)
MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer: Tranquility 

I bought these two products when I was desperate to have Kylie Jenner-esque lips. They're both a beautiful nudey colour and look wonderful against any skin tone (trust me I'm like the palest of the pale - Abby's words). 
The NYC expert last is very moisturising on the lips and gives off a nice sheen, however it's not very dramatic looking so it's probably more suited for every day rather than nights out.
The MUA Lip Lacquer, however, is much richer in colour and texture and it comes out much thicker. I would probably say that this one lasts much longer on the lips as well, purely because of how thick it is.

Either way, I would definitely recommend these products if you're looking for a subtle nude coloured lip.

Lush Lip Scrub in the flavour Bubblegum.

Although this isn't a lipstick or a lipgloss it is just as significant as the other products mentioned! I use this every single day whether I plan on wearing lipstick or not. It's aim is to scrub all the dry skin from your lips leaving them soft and shiny. By getting rid of the old, dry skin it encourages new cell growth (similar to how a skin exfoliator works) making your lips appear more pouty and fresh. 

I find that after using this product, it makes my lipstick go on much smoother especially when I'm wearing a matte lipstick, my lips just look much more hydrated. Not too mention it tastes delicious!

We hope you like our favourite lip products. Feel free to comment, we'd love to hear what your favourites are! 
A&K ♡


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  2. I love the Kate Moss colors! Thanks for reviews.


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