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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A day in the life

Here are a few pictures we have taken over the last 24 hours!

Last night we spent 4 and 1/2 long, boring, tiring, stressful but productive hours in the library. We went armed with snacks and juice to keep up going til we finally left at 11:30 pm, it was some hardcore studying! Whilst we were there we had an email telling us that we had reached 50 followers on bloglovin' and so we just want to say a massive thank you to anyone who has followed us! :D

Today we walked into town for a bit of retail therapy, not that we could afford to buy anything we saw :( First port of call was Superdrug where our plan was to raid Revolution's make up display, however, after picking up loads of items and carrying them around we realised that we shouldn't really be spending money on make-up, especially if we wanted to eat this week, and so put them all back. It was a tough decision and cut us both very deep. We also discovered the most adorable 'dry body buff', by the make Cheeky, that smelt so amazing our friend literally had to rip it out of our hands and pull us away. Next we stopped off a lush because one doesn't simply just walk past. They has so many cute and sparkly Christmas bath bombs out on display, there were penguins, angels, snowmen and holly, it was a winter wonderland! Last stop was the 99p shop, yes you read that correct, it's a students best friend! We stocked up on essential supplies and headed home across the park.

So now we're getting into our comfies and of course the only good way to end such a good day is by whacking on some Sex and the City with a packet of strawbs, a cup of tea and the duvet wrapped round us!

Thanks for reading! :D


  1. I've never thought of doing a Day in the Life. That's a pretty cool idea :)
    I might give it a go.
    Ahhhh I remember the days of being a student and being in the library for hours on end. Good Times ;)
    x tink x

  2. Sounds like the perfect day! Except for the spending ban, but I feel your pain as I'm always the same! :( Really cute post, thanks for following lovelies I've followed back :) xx

  3. Hi,

    Just letting you know that you have been awarded the Liebster blog award, best wishes,


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