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Friday, 14 November 2014


1. I study Psychology and Counselling at University. 
2. I am obsessed with peanut butter on toast.
3. I love Elvis Presley.
4. I hate donuts, pancakes and anything sweet that involves bread.
5. I wish Austin Butler was my boyfriend.
6. Builder's tea <3
7. Christmas is my favourite time of year.
8. I am terrified of sharks.
9. 98% of the time I wish I was Beyonce.
10. Beautiful Disaster is the best book ever written.
11. I hate Harry Potter & The Beatles.
12. I have a considerable dislike for trainers.
13. I want a pug. Or 3 pugs called Steve, Brain & Jeff.
14. I love the moon.
15. I talk a lot of shit.

1. I wish Nick Grimshaw was my best friend.
2. Trashy reality TV is my weakness (as are boybands♥)
3. Ir
n Bru and Pineapple Tarts make for the best snack in the entire world.
4. I've never been to Disneyland and that fact makes me sad every day.
5. I love old music.
6. Having showers in the morning and seeing the sun shine through the window is my favourite thing in the whole world.
7. Elevators are my biggest fear.
8. I seem quite shy but talking about myself and my opinions is my favourite past time.
9. McFly have been my favourite band since 2006 (and I still love them).
10. Billy Elliot is the most heart warming, perfect film ever made.
11. I love Harry Potter & The Beatles.
12. I'm a complete wimp.
13. Lena Dunham and Fearne Cotton are my idols.
14. I literally have no idea how I would survive without my iPhone.
15. Jonah Hill is literally a comedic genius.

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